VE제안의 가치향상 유형별 수치적 범위기준 제시

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남경우 장명훈
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Value Engineering (VE) VE Proposal Value Improvement Types Numerical Range Criteria
Since its introduction in Korea, design VE has widely been used as a means to enhance values in the construction industry. However, a greater emphasis is still placed on cost reduction in approach attitudes and performance evaluations on the implementation of design VE. In this regard, this study presented a performance evaluation method for cost, function, and value of VE proposals. Numerical criteria on the increase and decrease of cost and function that can classify the value enhancement type of VE proposals were proposed based on the performance evaluation method. It is expected that the use of numerical criteria for the type classification of VE proposal, and cost and performance evaluation method proposed in this study will make it possible to conduct a clear and more intuitive evaluation of VE proposal. However, it is appropriate to use the numerical criteria as a guideline to apply the new performance evaluation method for VE proposals. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a statistical analysis with a wider range of users after the repeated application of the findings of this study, and thus to carry out research for presenting the numerical criteria for various types of users.
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Numerical Range Criteria for Classification of Value Engineering Proposals based on Value Improvement Types
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Keong-Woo Nam Myunghoun Jang
조선대학교 공학기술연구원
Research Laboratory
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2018 > Vol 11, No 4
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