심부투열용 고주파 치료기의 제작과 RET 전극조건에 따른 온도 분포 특성

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정재원 김병주 김기선
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High-frequency therapy device Capacitive electric transfer Resistive electric transfer CET RET
A high-frequency therapy device with improved output by modifying a high-frequency stimulator was fabricated. The details of the design include generating part design, high-frequency transformer design, large output FET installation, DC voltage input part design and gate input driver design. Based on the real test using the pork meat, the temperature distributions according to the current electric transfer method, penetration depth, electrode diameter size were measured. In the CET method, the penetration depth was 0.5 cm and in the RET method, the penetration depth was 20 cm or more. In addition, it was confirmed that the temperature rise according to the penetration depth in the RET system was substantially constant, and the temperature rise was remarkable as the electrode diameter was small. As a result, it has been confirmed that the high frequency therapy device is highly affected by various conditions of the electrode.
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Fabrication of high-frequency therapy device for deep part and temperature distribution characteristic according to electrode condition of RET
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Jae-Won Jung Beong-Ju Kim Ki-Seon Kim
조선대학교 공학기술연구원
Research Laboratory
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2018 > Vol 11, No 4
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