테라헤르츠파를 이용한 풍력터빈 블레이드 NDE 탐상 평가기법

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임광희 김선규 정종안 조영태 우용득
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Terahertz waves Blades NDE Refractive Index C-scan Images
Terahertz waves (T-ray) was extensively studied for the NDE (nondestructive evaluation) of characterization of trailing edges for a use of turbines composed with composite materials. The used NDE system were consisted of both CW(Continuous wave) and TDS (Time domain spectroscopy). The FRP composites were utilized for two kinds of both trailing edges of wind energy (non-conducting polymeric composites) and carbon fiber composites with conducting properties. The signals of T-ray in the TDS (Time domain spectroscopy) mode resembles almost that of ultrasound waves; however, a terahertz pulse could not penetrate a material with conductivity unlike ultrasound. Also, a method was suggested to obtain the "n" in the materials, which is called the refractive index (n). The data of refractive index (n) could be solved for the trailing edges. The trailing edges were scanned for characterization and inspection. C-scan and B-scan images were obtained and best optimal NDE techniques were suggested for complicated geometry samples by terahertz radiation. Especially, it is found that the defect image of T-ray corresponded with defect locations for the trailing edges of wind mill.
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