현장측정에 의한 대지 저항률 변화에 대한 접지전극의 저항계산의 보정계수 계산

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조영철 윤경석 박정민
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Grounding Resistance Soil Resistivity Ground Electrode Corrective Coefficient Field Test
The formula for calculating the ground resistance for the ground electrode is already well known as the formula for calculating the soil resistivity and the type of ground electrode. However, it is a reality that the equation of resistance of the ground electrode is insufficient from the viewpoint of calculating the accurate ground resistance value according to the deformation of the ground electrode or the variation of the soil resistivity. Although some grounding resistance equations are provided for some ground electrode materials, it is suggested to apply a constant value irrespective of changes in soil resistivity, although other correction factors should be applied according to changes in soil resistivity, which is an important variable of grounding resistance. However, there are difficulties in practical application in the field. Therefore, in this paper, to solve these problems, we installed a ground electrode directly in the field test, and proposed a correction factor for the calculation of ground resistance according to the variation of soil resistivity through measurement. The proposed equation of ground resistance is a formula of ground resistance applying the correction factor which is a variable of soil resistivity.
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The Calculation of Corrective Coefficient for Grounding Electrode Resistance according to Variation of Soil Resistivity by Field Measurement
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Young-Chul Cho Gyeong-seok Yoon Jeong-min Park
조선대학교 공학기술연구원
Research Laboratory
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2017 > Vol 10, No 2
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