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류명호 이종원 김연규 이원주 박설현
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Light extinction Soot concentration Abel inversion Droplet diffusion flame
In the present study, non-intrusive technique for the concentration measurements of soot particles formed within the flames was experimentally investigated. As part of this study, the full-field light extinction apparatus that enables us to obtain the spatial distribution of soot particle concentration within the flames was developed and implemented. In addition, the 3 point abel deconvolution algorithm was coded using a Fortran software to determine the spatial distribution and concentration of soot particles. The abel inversion analysis clearly indicates that the spatial distribution of soot particles within the flame can be faithfully reconstructed from the projected light extinction image captured by a CCD camera.
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A Study of the Concentration Measurements of Soot Particles formed within Diffusion Flames using Full-field Light Extinction Technique
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Myung-Ho Ryu Youn-Won Lee Youn-Kyu Kim Won-Ju Lee Seul-Hyun Park
조선대학교 공학기술연구원
Research Laboratory
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2016 > Vol 9, No 4
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