가정용 전기침대의 고장원인에 따른 위험 요인분석

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나현준 문은아 최홍순
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Electric beds Risk factors Temperature changes Fire
Nowadays, people start to prefer more convenient, affordable, and efficient products due to industrial development and scientific development, more products are being offered to customers. However, in order to increase the profit, more safety accidents are increasing as manufacturers begin to develop more low-cost products. Especially like electrical and mechanical issues of heating appliances like electric mats, blankets, and pads have high percentage among them. The risk of open or short-circuit problems of electric beds caused by the heat storage operation due to the flexibility or careless ways of storing products have been solved, but many other problems such as circuits are still exposed to the customers. Therefore, this thesis will cover and analyze malfunction factors of electric beds excluding problems caused by flexibility and will confirm the risk of fire through temperature changes of each malfunction factors.
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