BLDC Motor Driver의 고장 예측에 관한 연구

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BLDC Motor PHM(Prognostics and Health Managemen) FFT Reliability FMEA QFD
IIn this paper, we verified the problem of accelerated deterioration of the environmental testing in the BLDC motor driver. Then, we propose the methods to predict the failure on the BLDC Motor. We practice the FMEA and QFD through failure cases that occur in the field. Based on this, We estimate the failure mode failure mechanism. In addition, it was designed environmental test through the failure mode failure mechanism. In order to predict the failure, We will need for a method that can reproduce the failure. In addition, We will need a selection of the predicted value for predicting the failure. We convert the data of the BLDC motor using FFT, and suggests a method of predicting failure.
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