A Study on Awareness and Acceptance of the Public about Irradiated Food

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Hwa-Yeon Yeo Jeong-Pil Hwang Chang-Bok Kim Kyung-Rae Dong
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Radiation irradiated food school lunch awareness interest knowledge
Use of radiation field appears to be about 52.0% of the highest part of the public to be leading authority in the future, as a target for the attention of high school students in irradiated food and Thus it can be seen in the country, the high school students surveyed close to the awareness of food irradiation was analyzed by conducting survey that students lack knowledge of the students about the radiation of interest is plentiful compared to interest. Also showed that 81.3% of all students, without knowing the difference between the sexes for the certification mark of irradiated food and food irradiation. Why students think positively irradiated food is as high as 37.3% showed the best pest removal, 38.9% was the highest of human harm is reason to think negatively of students irradiated foods. Opportunities and access to irradiated food and I think most students feel the need for men and women, and the lack of education for the students of irradiated food. Conclusions that we can continue to lead in the direction of the positive awareness of food irradiation to promote education for students with a TV and a TV 50.9% was the highest because of the "what do you want to receive training?". Most students also have opinions about the use of food irradiation as a school meal is enhanced by the use of food irradiation as a sanitary and 50.0% higher, while the students are still afraid of the research process, pollutant contamination, irradiation process it was found that the negative part, such as the high distrust. Students were positive in the investigation of the doctor or buy food students aware than before if you get proven in proving the stability of food to the most trusted institution or organization for irradiated food. It is preferable that the program on the awareness and improve knowledge and attitudes about the need to improve reliability by providing strategic social acceptance for nuclear and radiation used in the country.
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