한강교량의 야간경관조명에 관한 주관적 평가 : 트러스교·아치교를 중심으로

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황민구 황태연
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Subjective evaluation Bridge illumination Statistical analysis Truss bridge Arch bridge
This study aims to evaluate the subjective image on the 4 bridges that are truss and arch bridge across the Han River, by questionnaire surveys. Questionnaire surveys were conducted by 135 subjects and were statistically analyzed by SPSS. The results of the study are as follows; ① It was proved that the evaluation of adjectives of truss bridges' illuminating was higher than it of arch bridge by the profiles. ② It is analyzed that the night time images of the Banghwa, Dongho and Dongjak Grand Bridge has been improved by illuminating. ③ The common factors that are related to the impression on illuminating of truss and arch bridges across the Han River are as follows; 'Evaluation', 'Potency', 'Activity' ④ It was construed that the impression of illuminating was Influenced by four independent variables which were ‘structure of bridges’, ‘daytime images’, ‘color of light sources’ and ‘brightness of light sources’, and the explanation value were 70-82%.
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The Subjective Evaluation on Illuminating of Han River's Bridges : Focused on the Truss Bridge and the Arch Bridge
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Hwang Min-Ku Hwang Taeyon
조선대학교 공학기술연구원
Research Laboratory
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2016 > Vol 9, No 2
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