일터혁신이 일터학습과 기업성과에 미치는 영향

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In recent years, due to the development of advanced technologies such as the 4th Industrial Revolution and the development of information technology, competition among companies is becoming more and more fierce, and the importance of workplace innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises is becoming more prominent. The basic unit in which the industrial application of innovative technology takes place and the specific space where technology, people, and organizations interact is the workplace.
The strategic importance of workplace innovation is growing even more in the 4th industrial revolution with hyperconne ctivity and superintelligence as the core. In Korea, workplace innovation policies and projects have been promoted since the mid-2000s. However, the level of workplace innovation is still low, and it is difficult to say that policies and projects have been systematically conducted.
Therefore, this study aims to present the introduction and operation of workplace innovation, and the direction according to it, when the need for business management innovation of SMEs emerges.
Therefore, in this study, we investigate how workplace innovation affects workers' workplace learning and corporate performance for workers engaged in domestic SMEs, and analyzes the moderating effect of learning orientation in the relationship that learning orientation affects workplace learning's corporate performance. I wanted to.
The survey was conducted for 45 days from August 10, 2020 to September 24, 2020 for workers engaged in SMEs. A total of 250 copies were distributed and 241 copies were collected. Out of 241 copies, 235 copies were used for empirical analysis, excluding 6 copies with poor responses. The results of the research are as follows.
First, it was found that workplace innovation had a significant effect on workplace learning and corporate performance.
Second, it was to confirm the mediating effect of workplace learning in the relationship between workplace innovation and corporate performance.
Third, in this study, the results of regression analysis to find out the moderating effect of learning orientation, which is a modulating variable, were found to have a modulating effect of learning orientation in the relationship between workplace learning and corporate performance as a dependent variable.
Investment and implementation of workplace learning is also important in improving corporate performance, but in particular, the learning orientation, that is, efforts to provide services from the customer's point of view, to grasp the interests and needs of customers, and to respond faithfully to customer needs, etc. It can be seen through empirical analysis that it is a very important factor in improving performance, and this learning orientation regulates the level of impact of workplace learning on corporaBased on such research results, it was verified through empirical analysis that SMEs are in workplace innovation in recent uncertain business environments. In order to achieve competitive advantage in competition with other companies and achieve organizational goals, technology, information, and knowledge.
It provided an opportunity to recognize the importance of workplace learning and learning orientation that can be retained performance.
Alternative Title
The effects of Workplace Innovation on corporate performance : The Moderating Effects of Learning Orientation
Alternative Author(s)
kim jun bae
경영대학원 경영학석사학위과정
Awarded Date
2021. 2
Table Of Contents
I. 서 론 1
1.1 문제제기 및 연구의 목적 1
1.2 연구의 방법 및 범위 3
1.3 논문의 구성 5

Ⅱ. 이론적 배경 6
2.1 일터혁신 6
2.1.1 일터혁신의 개념 6
2.1.2 일터혁신의 필요성 8
2.1.3 해외 일터혁신의 사례 9
2.1.4 일터혁신과 일터학습의 관계 15
2.2 일터학습 15
2.2.1 일터학습의 개념 15
2.2.2 일터학습의 구성요소 16
2.2.3 일터학습의 모형 19
2.2.4 일터학습과 기업성과 26
2.3 학습지향성 27
2.3.1 학습지향성의 개념 27
2.3.2 학습지향성과 기업성과와의 관련성 29
2.4 기업성과 30

Ⅲ. 연구 모형의 설계 및 가설의 설정 31
3.1 연구모형의 설계 31
3.2 가설의 설정 32
3.2.1 일터혁신과 일터학습 32
3.2.2 일터학습의 매개효과 32
3.2.3 학습지향성의 조절효과 33

Ⅳ. 연구방법 35
4.1 표본의 선정 및 분석방법 35
4.1.1 표본의 선정 및 자료수집 35
4.1.2 표본의 특성 35
4.2 변수의 조작적 정의 및 측정 37
4.2.1 일터혁신 37
4.2.2 일터학습 37
4.2.3 학습지향성 37
4.2.4 기업성과 38
4.3 설문지 구성 및 측정 38

Ⅴ. 연구결과 40
5.1 변수의 신뢰성 및 타당성 검증 40
5.2 상관관계 분석 42
5.3 가설의 검증 43
5.3.1 일터혁신이 기업성과에 미치는 영향 43
5.3.2 일터학습이 기업성과에 미치는 영향 45
5.3.3 일터학습의 매개효과 분석 46
5.3.4 일터학습과 기업성과와의 관계에서 학습지향성의 조절효과 47
5.4 가설 검증 결과 요약 50

Ⅵ. 결 론 52
6.1 연구결과의 요약 52
6.2 연구의 시사점 및 한계 54

참고문헌 56

설문지 62
조선대학교 경영대학원
[1]김준배, “일터혁신이 일터학습과 기업성과에 미치는 영향,” 조선대학교 경영대학원, 2021.
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