Survey for evaluating perceptions of workers in nursing homes regarding swallowing disorders

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Sun-young Yim Ree-aie Ju Hyo-jin Son Inn-im Park Yu-ri Heo Mee-kyoung Son
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Aging Aspiration pneumonia Deglutition disorders
This research is intended to be base data for suggestions about the role of dentists and new treatment methods for patients with swallowing disorders as a rehabilitation for oral functions under long-term care insurance for the elderly by investigating and evaluating the perception of the aged with dysphagia by the workers in nursing facilities. We analyzed 436 questionnaire surveys conducted on nursing facilities affiliated to the Association of Gwang-ju Welfare for the Aged through email from August 7, 2017, to September 8, 2017. Many workers in nursing facilities were concerned with the swallowing disorders among the patients, and the treatments they would request from the nursing-home dentists were dental check-ups, oral hygiene management, and eating-swallowing guidance and consultation. Our findings show that reconsideration of the role of the dentists is demanded, along with the awareness of nursing facility workers on swallowing disorders and the need for relevant treatments. Also, we must secure the institutional basis where the cooperation of the nursing and medical teams can take place.
조선대학교 치의학연구원(구 구강생물학연구소)
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