초·중등 영어 학습자의 미국 TV 드라마 활용 수업에 대한 인식과 흥미도

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American TV drama drama class English interest TV drama-based classes
e purpose of this study was to examine the perceptions and the interest of an English class utilizing American TV dramas. For this study, 53 sixth grade elementary school students and 104 third grade middle school students were participated. The questionnaire was composed of 29 items dealing with attitudes towards English learning, the interest in American TV dramas and understanding of using American TV dramas as a source for learning English. In addition to that, six students of them were given an experimental class for four weeks. The survey for students who were given a class was composed of 13 items regarding the interest and 8 items concerning perceptions to soap operas. The results of this study are summarized as follows: First of all, most students in elementary and middle school were interested in taking a class with American TV dramas as a teaching source. Most of the students who did not have a chance to experience the class speculated that it would help them much more than taking an ordinary English class. Especially on improvement in listening and speaking skills, practical English usage, and cultural awareness. Secondly, the students who participated in the experiment had favorable attitudes to English class. Items on cultural recognition and possibility of repeated practice yielded the highest mean scores. Based on the study findings, pedagogical implications are provided.
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English Learners’ Perceptions and Interest on American TV Drama-Based Classes
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Han Joohyun
조선대학교 교과교육연구소
Research Laboratory
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2017 > Vol 38, No 2
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