Synthesis and Characterization of a Strontium Iron Fluoride Hydrated, Sr2Fe2F10(H2O)

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Sun Woo Kim
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Fluoride Hydrothermal Synthesis Crystal Structure Antiferromagnet
A hydrated strontium iron fluoride, Sr2Fe2F10(H2O) has been synthesized and characterized. The material was synthesized through mild hydrothermal reaction using an aqueous CF3COOH solution. The material exhibits a onedimensional structure consisting of chains of corner-shared Fe3+F6 octahedra, isolated Fe3+F5(H2O) octahedra, chains of SrF10 polyhedra and isolated SrF8 polyhedra, respectively. Magnetic property measurements on Sr2Fe2F10(H2O) reveals an antiferromagnetic order at TN of ~2.5 K with a Weiss temperature () of -61.51 K.
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