혁신 활동 및 환경 정책이 탄소 생산성에 미치는 영향: 배출권 거래제 참여 기업들을 대상으로

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Carbon Productivity Emission Trading Scheme Innovation Activity Manufacturing Industry Technical Progress
In December 2020, the Korean government announced the "2050 Carbon Neutral Promotion Strategy." For the paradigm shift to a carbon-neutral society, it is necessary to examine factors affecting carbon productivity considering the two goals of carbon reductions and economic growth. This study investigates the potential factors affecting carbon productivity of firms participating in the Korean Emission Trading Scheme (KETS) and examines the relationship between innovation activity such as R&D investment and environmental policy with carbon productivity. In this study, carbon productivity is defined as the total output divided by total carbon emissions. It also considers innovation effect on environmental performance of firms by industry because each industry has a different production process and carbon reduction ability. The results show that carbon productivity has been influenced by innovation activity such as R&D investment and introduction of first and second phases of KETS. In addiotion, technological progress and environmental policy effects on environmental performance vary across industries. Thus, in this study, determinants of carbon productivity are analyzed and compared by industry. The results show that innovation activities have a positive relationship with carbon productivity by all industries at the 5% significance level. On the other hand, it is confirmed that the effect of environmental policy varies by industry.
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Impact of Technological Innovation and Environmental Policy on Carbon Productivity: Evidence from Korean Manufacturing Firms Participating in an Emission Trading
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Mo, Jung-Youn
Dept. of Economics
모정윤. (2021-06). 혁신 활동 및 환경 정책이 탄소 생산성에 미치는 영향: 배출권 거래제 참여 기업들을 대상으로. 한국기후변화학회지, 12(3), 231-239. doi: 10.15531/KSCCR.2021.12.3.231
Journal paper
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