徽派建筑元素在酒店客房新中式家具中的應用硏究 - 以實現中國傳統人文与現代設計融合爲目的 -

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상운남 박재연
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Furniture Design Huizhou Architecture DesignElements New Chinese Style Hotel Rooms Integration of humanities and design Integration
With the rapid development of China's economyand more disposable funds in people's hands since21st century,the contents and ways of people'stravel have been gradually changed. Differentcultural experiences have become people'sconsumption hotspot. Hotels in the theme of cultureexperience thus emerged. In Chinese traditionalconsciousness,Jiangnan has the beautiful scene thatpeople always yearn for. Among the beautiful formsof Jiangnan,Hui-style architecture is the mostprominent one. Because of its unique colormatching and appearance form,Hui-stylearchitecture has become a treasure in the designer'shands. Therefore,hotel design based on Hui-stylearchitectural design elements has become thepriority design scheme for hotels in Jiangnanregion. So the design demand such as the interiordesign and furniture design that comes alongappears to be outstanding.Investigation indicates that most furnitures inhotels with Hui-style architectural design arepurchased directly from the market,and the designstyle is mainly dominated by traditional Chinesestyle and New Chinese style. As furniture is notrelated to hotel design style,users are generally notimpressed by furniture design in hotel useexperience. Even though some high-end hotelspurchase furniture in a customized way,theirdesign styles are still not compatible due toinsufficient capital investment and other reasons,along with insufficient understanding of traditionalculture that impacts cultural experience of users.Therefore,it is necessary to carry out designresearch on this kind of hotel furniture.In this paper,New Chinese style hotel furnituredesign method based on Hui-style architecturaldesign elements are summarized by analyzingHui-style architectural elements. Based on it,designresearch on the main furniture of hotel rooms iscarried out,which verifies feasibility of the NewChinese style hotel furniture design method based on Huizhou architectural design elements.
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On the Application of Hui-style Architectural Elements in New Chinese Furniture of Hotel Rooms - The aim is to realize the integration of Chinese traditional humanities and modern design -
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Shang, Yun nan Park, Jae-Yeon
Division of Culture & Content Studies
상운남. (2019-12). 徽派建筑元素在酒店客房新中式家具中的應用硏究 - 以實現中國傳統人文与現代設計融合爲目的 -. 한국과학예술융합학회, 37(5), 147-157. doi: 10.17548/ksaf.2019.12.30.147
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