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원용 박재연
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中国漆画 艺术性 表现分析 精神 Chinese lacquer painting Artistic Expression analysis Spiritual
中国漆画是源于中国古代漆艺的新兴画种,属于中国美术的一个绘画门类。它开辟了中国优秀的传统艺术如何转向绘画表现艺术的先河,补充了长期以来中国美术教育中本民族画种稀缺的现状。通过参观漆画展览、考察漆画创作地区、采访漆画家群体、查阅文献资料后总结和分析中国漆画发展脉络和过程中的艺术性表现,中国漆画逐渐从单一的装饰性、具象性向多元化方向发展,同时在传统漆艺的基础上不断借鉴和融合西方艺术文化。中国漆画艺术性表现在每一阶段均有其新的突破,漆画创作越来越注重作品的艺术性、思想性、精神性的表达。漆画是"画"而非"器",中国漆画作为独立的审美对象而存在,属于纯艺术范畴,它应承载更多的精神含量。绘画当随时代,漆画亦然。 相对于中国绘画艺术的其他画种,漆画还是一个非常年轻的画种,它的历史发展较短,一直以来漆画自身发展侧重点放在艺术形式表现上,忽视了自身理论体系的完善和建立,缺乏漆画艺术理论的整理与思考,理论的缺乏导致对漆画艺术发展的指导作用薄弱。完善补充中国漆画艺术理论,对漆画未来向更正确的方向发展起到一定的理论引导与借鉴的作用是本论文的目的,希望中国漆画在今天可以站稳脚跟,更好的健步前行。当下中国漆画迎来最好的发展时期和机遇,但同时漆画也无可避免受到了工业化浪潮的冲击和市场化大潮的裹挟,受市场及各大利益集团的影响,漆画艺术发展任重而道远。
Chinese lacquer painting, a new immerged painting and originated from ancient Chinese lacquer art, belongs to one of painting categories of Chinese art. It created a precedent on how the outstanding Chinese traditional art transfers to expressive art of painting, and complemented the current situation of the shortage of Chinese art in art education of China. Summarized and analyzed the development of Chinese lacquer painting and its artistic expression amid through visiting lacquer painting exhibition, investigating area of lacquer painting creation, interviewing with artist group and consulting document, Chinese lacquer painting has gradually developed from a singular decorative and concrete painting into a diversified painting. Meantime, on the basis of traditional lacquer art, it continuously draws lessons from and integrates itself into western art culture. Artistic expression on Chinese lacquer painting has made its new breakthrough on each stage. The creation of lacquer painting attaches more and more importance on artistic, ideological and spiritual expression of the work. As an independent aesthetic object, Chinese lacquer painting belongs to domain of pure art. It is painting, not some kind of utensils, which means it should carry with more spiritual content. Painting must be created in the pace of the era, so does the lacquer painting. Compared with other categories in Chinese painting art, lacquer painting is pretty much young. It has a short development, and for a long time, it puts more efforts on the development of artistic expression. It neglects the establishment and improvement of the theory system of itself and lacks analysis and thinking of lacquer art theory, which caused weak in guidance for development lacquer painting. This paper is aiming to improve and complement art theory of Chinese lacquer and play a vital role in theoretical guidance and reference for the future development of lacquer painting in a more proper way, and it hopes that Chinese lacquer painting can stand still and move forward quickly and steadily. It is now the best moment and great opportunity for Chinese lacquer painting to develop, but it is unavoidable that Chinese lacquer painting will be impacted by the industrialization trend and the strong tide of market. Both influenced by market and other interest groups, the development of lacquer painting art still has a long way to go.
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Analysis of artistic expression of Chinese lacquer painting
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Yuan Rong Park, Jae-Yeon
Division of Culture & Content Studies
원용. (2020-01). 中國漆畫的藝術性表現分析. 한국과학예술융합학회, 38(1), 111-127. doi: 10.17548/ksaf.2020.01.30.111
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