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신려하 박재연
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大漆工艺 葫芦工艺 大漆葫芦茶具 多学科结合设计 3D建模 Lacquer craft Gourd craft Big lacquertea set made of gourd Multidisciplinarydesign 3Dmodeling
Based on the theory of Chinese traditional lacquer ware and gourd ware and related to the characteristics of contemporary tea ware design, this paper studies the design and manufacturing process of Chinese lacquer gourd ware .Through an analysis of the material properties of gourd lacquer tea set and a full interpretation of its cultural implication, the author focuses on the artistry, practicality and healthfulness of gourd lacquer tea set to show its significance in integrating the historical inheritance with the characteristics of the era, classical culture with personified fashion, artistic taste with simplicity and practicality, health and environmental protection with innovative technology. This paper will enrich the basic theory of modern gourd lacquer tea set and optimize its technological process. Finally, the theoretical and practical system from design and development to processing and production will be constructed, which is of great realistic significance and can be used for reference in relevant research fields of gourd lacquer tea set. On the basis of inheriting and developing the cultural heritage, through a number of case studies, the author carries out the research and practice of cultural creative products By giving a full play to the material advantages and artistic characteristics of the lacquer gourd tea set, the author explores modern design methods and processing techniques to interpret the traditional Chinese culture, which demonstrates the significance of two traditional materials of gourd and lacquer in the tea set design. The series products the author creates, not only keep the historical and cultural connotation of the lacquer gourd tea set, but also fully demonstrates the modern design style, which meets the aesthetic characteristics and practical needs of modern people. The author combines theory with practice, and records the design concept and production process of each work in detail, which provides solid evidence for the concept proposed in this paper, as well as references for other artists.
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Research on the multidisciplinary design of modern big lacquer tea set with gourd as material
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Shen Li Xia Park, Jae-Yeon
Division of Culture & Content Studies
신려하. (2020-06). 現代大漆葫芦茶具的多學科結合設計硏究. 한국과학예술융합학회, 38(3), 129-141. doi: 10.17548/ksaf.2020.06.30.129
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