工業遺址再生中資源再利用的研究 —以"漢陽造"文化創意產業園區爲例

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사비아 박재연
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工業遺址 文化創意產業園區 漢陽造#資源循环再利用 工業遺址 文化創意產業園區 漢陽造 資源循环再利用 Industrial Site Creative park HanyangZhao Resources recycling
自十八世纪工业革命以来,工业产业从技术改进发展到资本积累,城市工业化从繁荣发展到最终衰落,在城市中遗留下了大量的工业遗址(Industrial Sites)。随着生活品质的提高,公众对生态环境也开始日益重视起来,工业遗址的再生问题也受到了更多的关注。在全球经济不断发展,工业遗址中资源的循环再利用成了全球炽热的议题。本文从工业遗址的形成及再生方式进行了阐述,并对"韩国抱川艺术谷""北京798艺术区""日本足尾铜山"三个成熟工业遗址公园的发展历程和再生形态进行了分析。基于工业遗址再生其空间和时间背景错综复杂,因此本文选取"中国武汉汉阳造文化创意产业园区"为例,通过资料调查和档案查询等方式对"汉阳造"现状进行了剖析。并对彼得·拉茨(Peter·Latz)所设计的德国北杜伊斯堡风景公园的成功案例进行交互比较。研究其对园区资源循环利用的设计手法,对"汉阳造"中资源再利用问题提出可实施性设计方案,希望可以对中国众多城市工业遗址的再生问题提供一个可借鉴的案例。
During the 18th century, the Industrial Revolution achievedaccumulation of capital through continuous technological improvements. The urbanindustrialization was thereby booming but finally came to an end, leaving a greatamount of industrial heritage in cities. With the improved quality of life, themasses have paid increasing attention to the ecological environment, so theregenerated industrial heritage has come under the spotlight. Following the growingeconomic development around the world, the resource recycling of industrial heritagehas become a global hot topic. This paper expounds the formation and regeneratingmeans of industrial heritage, and analyzes the development history and regeneratingforms of the three mature industrial heritage parks, including the Pocheon Art Valley,Beijing 798 ArtDist and the Ashio Copper Mine. Due to the complicated spatial and time spans of industrial heritageregeneration, this paper takes the Hanyang Zao Advertising Creative IndustryPark in Wuhan, China as an example. It analyzes the status quo of "Hanyang Zao"through data investigation and file query and conducts an interactivecomparison with the North Duisburg Landscape Park, a successful transformationof industrial heritage by Peter Latz. Through studying the German version designmethods of resource recycling, this paper puts forward a feasible design planon the resource recycling of the Hanyang Zao Advertising Creative Industry Park,hoping to provide it as an easy reference for industrial heritage regenerationin many cities of China.
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Research on Resource Reuse in the Industrial Site Regeneration - Taking the CulturalCreative Industry Park of "Hangyang Zhao" as the Example
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Xie Fei Ya Park, Jae-Yeon
Division of Culture & Content Studies
사비아. (2020-12). 工業遺址再生中資源再利用的研究 —以"漢陽造"文化創意產業園區爲例. 한국과학예술융합학회, 38(5), 255-271. doi: 10.17548/ksaf.2020.12.30.255
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