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왕뢰 박재연
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當代書法 陶瓷書法 應用 表現 The Contemporary calligraphy Ceramic calligraphy application performance
中國的書法和陶瓷有悠久的歷史,文化底蘊深厚。書 法很早就被書寫或刻制在陶瓷表面,或作為標記,或用 來裝飾,始終停留在一個從屬的地位,這種情況一直延 續到現在。當今,藝術品的同質化、模式化日益嚴重, 缺失張力和吸引力的藝術作品已經很難引起過多的關注 與需求。因此,"跨界"創作成爲了一種新的的解決方案 和趨勢,"陶瓷書法"便應運而生。中國當代的陶瓷藝術 創作相較於國外的情況,主流還是傳統的繼承與延續, 普遍缺乏深度的創新與設計感,能將當代書法的創作觀 念與陶瓷器的製作"跨界"融合起來的藝術家是鳳毛麟 角。盡管"陶瓷書法"的概念提出已久,但到目前爲止相 關理論研究和作品制作仍然處於探索階段。針對以上問 題,本文在對大量相關文獻梳理的基礎上提出對"陶瓷書 法"藝術形式的重新界定,並在這個界定的指引下,以表 現當代書法爲旨歸,借助陶瓷制作的技術手段實現"陶瓷 書法"作品的呈現,再通過作品完成對所提理論的驗證和 完善。研究表明:本文提出的对"陶瓷书法"的形式界定 是科学和合理的。陶瓷是表現當代書法有效的載體和手 段,有其獨特的價值和規律,推動了當代書法在三維空 間上創新性呈現的可行性,也意味著書法從陶瓷器上的 裝飾變為了应用陶瓷材质进行艺术創作的主體。
Chinese calligraphy and ceramics have a long history and rich cultural heritage. Calligraphy has long been written or carved on ceramic surfaces, as a mark, or for decoration, and has remained in a subordinate status, which continues to this day. Nowadays, the homogenization and formalization of artworks are becoming increasingly serious, and it is difficult for artworks lacking tension and attraction to attract too much attention and demand. Therefore, "cross-border" creation has become a new solution and trend, "ceramic calligraphy" came into being. Compared with the situation abroad, contemporary Chinese ceramic art creation is still the inheritance and continuation of tradition, and generally lacks the deep sense of innovation and design. It is rare to find artists who can "cross the boundary" between the creation concept of contemporary calligraphy and the production of ceramics. Although the concept of "ceramic calligraphy" has been put forward for a long time, so far the relevant theoretical research and work production are still in the exploratory stage. To solve above problems, based on a large number of relevant literature review is put forward on the basis of redefinition of "ceramic calligraphy art form", and under this definition, to present contemporary calligraphy for the purpose, with the help of ceramic production technology to achieve "ceramic" calligraphy show, again through the work of validation of the proposed theory and perfect.The research shows that the definition of "ceramic calligraphy" is scientific and reasonable. Ceramic is an effective carrier and means to express contemporary calligraphy, which has its unique value and rule, promoting the feasibility of innovative presentation of contemporary calligraphy in three-dimensional space, which also means that calligraphy has changed from the decoration on ceramics to the subject of artistic creation using ceramic materials.
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Research on the application and expression of ceramics in Chinese contemporary Calligraphy creation
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Wang Lei Park, Jae-Yeon
Division of Culture & Content Studies
왕뢰. (2020-12). 論陶瓷在中國當代書法創作中的應用和表現研究. 한국과학예술융합학회, 38(5), 393-353. doi: 10.17548/ksaf.2020.12.30.339
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