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당이연 박재연
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智能照明产品 情感体验 融合 设计 交互方式 Intelligent Lighting Products Emotional design Integration design Interact
随着"互联网+"和"中国制造2025"的提出,产品智能化 已成为一种潮流,智能照明也逐渐取代传统照明走进人 们的生活。目前大多学者是从技术实现的角度对智能照 明产品进行研宄,而对于智能照明产品中用户情感的关 注较少,难以给用户带来多样化的情感体验。同时,智 能照明市场上产品外观及交互方式同质化现象也日益凸 显。因此,本文将情感体验设计理论应用于智能照明产 品的设计研究中,对智能照明产品外观与交互方式进行 创新性设计,不仅可以丰富这一领域的理论研宄体系, 还可以激发用户积极和愉悦的情感体验,适应用户新的 生活方式,提升智能照明产品自身的价值和市场竞争 力、获得商业利益。 首先,通过市场调研法、桌面研究法对智能照明产品进 行了梳理及归纳,运用文献分析法对情感化设计、体验经 济、设计心理学、智能产品设计的书籍、文献进行分析和 总结;其次,利用情感体验三层次理论结合具体案例从本 能、行为、反思三个层面对智能照明产品进行设计要素分 析,进而提出智能照明产品的四个基本设计原则。最后, 对目标人群的生活形态进行测量并分析其情感需求,寻找 到以促进社交为目的的智能照明产品设计切入点,运用前 期研究成果进行智能照明产品"O-lamp"的设计过程说 明,提出用户对智能照明产品的三种需求,1.造型圆润、 简约且方便携带;2.可体验不同的交互方式,具有趣味 性;3.可适应现代人生活方式,适用于不同的场所。从而 进行智能照明产品造型、色彩、材质、交互方式及使用场 景的情感体验设计,并进行设计评估。
With the proposal of "Internet +" and "Made in China 2025", intelligent products have become a trend, and intelligent lighting has gradually replaced traditional lighting into people's life. At present, most scholars study intelligent lighting products from the perspective of technology implementation, but pay little attention to user emotion in intelligent lighting products, and it is difficult to bring diversified emotional experience to users. At the same time, the homogenization of product appearance and interaction mode in the intelligent lighting market is also becoming increasingly prominent. Therefore, this paper applies the theory of emotional experience design to the design and research of intelligent lighting products. The innovative design of the appearance and interaction mode of intelligent lighting products can not only enrich the theoretical research system in this field, but also stimulate the positive and pleasant emotional experience of users and adapt to the new life style of users. Enhance the value and market competitiveness of intelligent lighting products and gain commercial benefits. First of all, through the market research method and desktop research method to sort out and conclude the intelligent lighting products, using literature analysis method to emotional design, experience economy, design psychology, intelligent product design books and literature analysis and summary; Secondly, based on the three-level theory of emotional experience and specific cases, the design elements of intelligent lighting products are analyzed from three levels of instinct, behavior and reflection, and then four basic design principles of intelligent lighting products are proposed. Finally, the lifestyle of the target population is measured and their emotional needs are analyzed to find the entry point for the design of intelligent lighting products for the purpose of promoting social communication. The design process of intelligent lighting product "O-LAMP" is explained by using the previous research results, and three requirements for intelligent lighting products are proposed. 1. Round shape, simple and convenient to carry; 2. Different interaction modes can be experienced, which is interesting; 3. It can adapt to modern life style and is suitable for different places. Therefore, the emotional experience design of intelligent lighting product modeling, color, material, interaction mode and use scene is carried out, and the design evaluation is also carried out.
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Research on Fusion Design of Intelligent Lighting Products Based on Emotional Experience
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Tang Yi Ran Park, Jae-Yeon
Division of Culture & Content Studies
당이연. (2021-06). 基于情感体验的智能照明产品融合设计研究. 한국과학예술융합학회, 39(3), 125-139. doi: 10.17548/ksaf.2021.06.30.125
Journal paper
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