沃尔特·迪士尼制作公司的女性形象变化融合研究 -以公主动画角色为中心

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迪士尼公主 系列动画电影 女性形象 变 化 女性成长 融合 Disney Princess Series Animated Movies Femalt image Change Women grow up Fusion
作为特殊的艺术形式和文化产品的动画电影,经过近百 年的发展,已成为传播价值观念、社会文化和生活方式的 一种重要媒介,为社会大众的精神世界源源不断地提供养 分和艺术熏陶。作为美国动画巨头之一的沃尔特·迪士尼 制作公司,其有着丰富的公主动画电影传统,经过八十多 年的进化,每一位公主都是具有典型特色、个性鲜明的时 代符号,具有与时俱进的特点以及创新精神。随着时代的 变迁,迪士尼公主形象无论是外形还是性格都发生了翻天 覆地的变化,这不仅是对女性生存状态和社会地位的再定 义,更是对女性话语和女性成长的新认识。研究迪士尼公 主形象的进化史,能理清在不同时期的文化政治经济背景 下,迪士尼公主系列动画电影中女性角色的发展脉络,分 析其成因,为动画电影中女性形象的成功塑造和逐步实现 女性成长起到积极的作用。本文以沃尔特·迪士尼制作公司发布的动画电影中的公 主形象为切入点,选取了至今为止的13部迪士尼公主系 列动画电影,将其中的公主形象进行纵向梳理并横向对 比,总结出不同阶段迪士尼公主系列动画电影中公主形 象的共性和变性,从政治经济文化发展、西方女性主义 运动影响、受众消费观审美观的变化、动画电影叙事模 式及动画技术的发展方面分析其演变原因,研究表明, 迪士尼公主系列动画电影中女性角色形象的变化呈现良 性发展趋势,今后女性形象的时代性将继续提升,女性 创作者参与度会不断增加,迪士尼公主系列动画电影将 继续丰富女性形象,探求女性形象的多元塑造,关注女 性的觉醒与成长,为两性和谐的新社会做出努力,希冀 本文能为未来动画女性角色的发展,提供有益的参考。
As a special art form and cultural products of animation film, after nearly a hundred years of development, has become an important medium for the dissemination of values, social culture and way of life, for the spiritual world of the public to continuously provide nutrients and artistic edification. As one of the American animation giants, Walt Disney Productions has a rich princess animation film tradition, after more than 80 years of evolution, each princess is a typical characteristics, distinctive personality of the times symbol, with the characteristics of advancing with the times and innovative spirit. With the changes of the times, Disney princess image has undergone dramatic changes in both appearance and character, which is not only a redefinition of women's living state and social status, but also a new understanding of women's discourse and women's growth. Studying the evolutionary history of Disney princess image can clarify the development of female characters in Disney princess series animation films under the background of culture, politics and economy in different periods, analyze their causes, and play a positive role in the successful shaping of female image in animated films and the gradual realization of female growth. Based on the image of the princess in the animated film released by Walt Disney Productions, this paper selects the 13 animated films of the Disney princess series so far, combs the image of the princess vertically and contrasts horizontally, summarizes the commonality and transsexuality of the princess image in the animated film series of Disney princess series at different stages, analyzes the reasons for its evolution from the political and economic development, the influence of western feminist movement, the change of the aesthetic view of audience consumption, the narrative mode of animated film and the development of animation technology. Research shows that the change of female character image in Disney Princess series animation film shows a benign trend, the future of female image of the times will continue to improve, female creators will continue to increase participation, Disney Princess series animation film will continue to enrich the female image, explore the multi-shaped female image, pay attention to the awakening and growth of women, for the new society of gender harmony to make efforts, hope this article can provide useful reference for the future development of animated female characters.
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A study on the Change and Fusion of Female Images at Walt Disney Productions - Focusing on the princess animation character
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Du Yue Jiao Park, Jae-Yeon
Division of Culture & Content Studies
두월교. (2021-06). 沃尔特·迪士尼制作公司的女性形象变化融合研究 -以公主动画角色为中心. 한국과학예술융합학회, 39(3), 141-153. doi: 10.17548/ksaf.2021.06.30.141
Journal paper
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