Structure Prediction of KiSS1-derived Peptide Receptor Using Comparative Modelling

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Santhosh Kumar Nagarajan Thirumurthy Madhavan
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KiSS1-derived Peptide Receptor GPCR GPR54 Kisspeptin Homology Modelling
KiSS1-derived peptide receptor, a GPCR protein, binds with the hormone kiss peptin. They are important in the neuroendocrine regulation of reproduction and in the secretion of gonadotrophin-releasing hormone. Thus, analysing the structural features of the receptor becomes important. However, the three dimensional structure of the protein is unavailable. Hence in this study, we have performed the homology modelling of KiSS1-derived peptide receptor with 5 different templates. 30 models were constructed using two platforms - Easymodeller and ITasser. The optimal models were chosen based on the model validation. Two models were selected after validation. The developed models could provide useful for analysing the structural features of KiSS1-derived peptide receptor and their pathophysiological role in various disorders related to them.
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