여수시의 요트터미널 운영정책에 대한 경제적 타당성 분석

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김민철 백승헌 정홍영
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경제적 타당성 요트산업 운영정책 여수시 Economic Validity Yacht Industry Operating Policy Yeosu City
The purpose of this study is to analyze the development of successful operating policy of Yeosu yacht terminal and its economic validity and provide useful information for policy decision. This study conducted a questionnaire survey with respondents residing in 16 cities and provinces. A total of 1,605 effective samples were secured to use for statistical processing. The results were as follows. First, the core policy of the yacht industry in Yeosu City was the development of five yacht routes which connect between tourist spots, between tourist spots and islands, and between downtown and tourist spots and the construction of four yacht terminals to operate the routes. Second, the national demand for yacht terminals in Yeosu was expected as 1.27 million people but the actual occupancy of terminals was analyzed as 153,600 people in consideration of constraint. Third, the operation income of yacht terminals was expected as 4.9 billion Korean won in the 1st and 2nd year and 9.6 billion Korean won in the 3rd year. Fourth, the yacht terminal operation policy had economic feasibility based on the analysis of the cost-benefit, net present value(NPV), and internal rate of return(IRR) of building and operating yacht terminals. Fifth, break-even point(BEP) was analyzed for yacht terminal operation. The yacht terminal will break even in the 6th year and the cumulative surplus will be 9.5 billion for 17 years.
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An Economic Validity Analysis on Operating Policy of Yacht Terminal in Yeosu City
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Kim, Min-Cheol Baek, Seung-Heon Jung, Hong-Yong
Dept. of Sports Industry
Dept. of Taekwondo
김민철. (2018-11). 여수시의 요트터미널 운영정책에 대한 경제적 타당성 분석. 한국체육정책학회지, 16(4), 29-39. doi: 10.52427/KSSP.16.4.2
Journal paper
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