슬링을 이용한 체간안정화 운동이 중년여성의 신체조성 및 체간안정성에 미치는 영향

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오제겸 황인식 윤오남
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Sling Exercise Stabilization Exercise Trunk Stabilization Body Composition Middle-aged Women
The purpose of this study is as follows. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of sling exercise on body composition and trunk stability in middle-aged women. The method of this study is as follows. In this study, Twenty women aged 50 to 65 were randomly divided into exercise groups(n = 10) and control groups (n = 10). The sling exercise was performed for 8 weeks. The data processing of this study is as follows. The mean and standard deviation were calculated using spss version 24.0. Paired t-tests were performed before and after exercise. The significance level was α = .05. The results of this study are as follows. In the exercise group, body fat percentage and skeletal muscle mass showed statistically significant differences with increasing body composition. In the exercise group, there was a statistically significant difference in the trunk stability in 6 directions: -45o, -90o, 135o, -135o and 180o. The conclusions of this study are as follows. Sling muscle stabilization exercise has a positive effect on body composition by increasing body fat percentage and decreasing skeletal muscle mass. In addition, the three-dimensional spinal stabilization test showed a significant increase in stability in 6o, -45o, -90o, 135o, -135o, and 180o, indicating a positive effect on trunk stability. Therefore, Therefore, the stabilization exercise using sling could have a positive effect on the body composition and trunk safety of middle-aged women.
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The Effect of Sling Using Stabilization Exercise on Body Composition and Trunk Stability of Middle-aged Women
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Oh, Je-Gyeom Hwang, In-Sik Yoon, Oh-Nam
Dept. of Physical Education
Dept. of Taekwondo
오제겸. (2019-11). 슬링을 이용한 체간안정화 운동이 중년여성의 신체조성 및 체간안정성에 미치는 영향. 한국발육발달학회지, 27(4), 245-251. doi: 10.34284/KJGD.2019.
Journal paper
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