수영장 인명구조요원의 처우실태 및 운영실태의 현상학적 접근

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김상현 김옥주
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Swimming life guard safety Phenomenological Approach operation policies
As recognition of the significance of water safety rises, so do capabilities of and expectation on lifeguards. However, the working conditions of lifeguards who are responsible for safety in swimming pools, and the way they are operated fall short of our expectation. Most lifeguards in swimming pools are temporary or part-time workers. Therefore, to improve this current situation, the systems to guarantee enough payment and employment stability are needed. This research aims at presenting alternative methods to solve these problems mentioned above by analyzing the current working conditions of lifeguards of swimming pools and current policies about swimming pool workers. For this research, ten respondents were selected, who currently work for indoor swimming pools as life guards and they gave sincere answers on their working conditions and operation policies. To collect data, the in-depth interview that is generally used in quality case studies was performed based on precedent researches. The results are as follows: First, three administratively supportive systems are suggested: to improve a frequency of safety inspection, to reinforce the certificate acquisition system and to prevent lifeguards to have double jobs. Second, two improvement methods for education and working conditions are suggested: to educate the swimmers in order to act responsibly and capability of lifeguards to respond to the emergency, and to provide more permanent positions to lifeguards to improve their professionality. Finally, two methods to improve infrastructure are suggested: to improve life guard's working conditions in terms of their qualities and welfare.
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The Phenomenological Approach to the Actual Conditions of the Treatment and Operation of Swimming Pool Lifeguards
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Kim, Sang-Hyun Kim, Ok-Ju
Dept. of Physical Education
김상현. (2019-12). 수영장 인명구조요원의 처우실태 및 운영실태의 현상학적 접근. 한국체육과학회지, 28(6), 201-219. doi: 10.35159/kjss.2019.
Journal paper
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