해외 스킨스쿠버 선택속성 요인탐색 연구

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김옥주 김류경 정현민 한태용
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Scuba Diving Selection Attribute Q-Method Marine Sports Activation Method
This study aims at investigating various factors of selection attribute that the participants in overseas scuba diving have and, basing on the result, at expanding native scuba diving devotees, and at presenting the direction to the development of markets through its popularization. With the purpose of attaining the aims, this study used Q-Method, for this author judged that it would help analyze the factor of overseas scuba diving selection attribute. At first, this study extracted preliminary questions two times (First: preceding study/Second: expert group), and prepared a statement composed of 32 questions in the end through the appreciation of appropriateness and the validity. It took six months from January to May, 2019 to perform Q-Classification. All of the respondents attained the license (qualification) of scuba diving. By P-Sample this study selected 20 objects who experienced in overseas scuba diving. There was no material missed or excepted. At last, this study used the materials of 20 persons for the last analysis. This study classified the objects in Q-Sorting Chart by Q-Sorting classification forcibly, coded in order of numbers of Q-Sample the scores given from the distribution on which Q-Sample was sorted. Afterwards, this study performed Principal Component Analysis by QUANL. PC Program to draw the conclusion as follows. As a result of analyzing the selection attribute factors concerning overseas scuba diving, this author found out three types - typeⅠ,Ⅱ, and Ⅲ. The concrete affirmative three factors abstracted from the types are as follows. TypeⅠ: When I participate in overseas diving, I find out that 'I can experience various diving points and various spectacles with distinctions classified with countries (corals, aquatic creatures, aquatic environments etc.)', 'I can access resorts and seas easily', 'Seasons don't change frequently and are constant thanks to warm weather', 'I can secure constant view and enjoy safe and advantageous diving', 'I can enjoy overseas diving at a cheap price, for it doesn't demand expensive expense of resort facilities (diving, accommodation, meal, etc.), and neither does it other charges', and 'I can enjoy sports and sightseeing at the same time'. As such, the affirmative factors were shown. TypeⅡ: When I participate in overseas diving, I find out that 'It is abundant in energizer enjoyable at travel', 'It doesn't demand complicated procedures, and it's convenient to set and move equipment and to go out from the water', 'It's possible to experience various fishes (sardines, threshers, sharks, jackfishes, whalesharks, turtles, tunas, and sea sharks) with distinction in respective regions', 'I can enjoy sea environments different from those of our country', and 'I can escape from everyday life, and feel freedom and the mood of rest'. As such, the affirmative factors were shown. TypeⅢ: When I participate in overseas diving, I find out that 'Overseas diving staffs, instructors, guides etc. are kind', 'Overseas diving can replace with native winter season activities and motivate the activities', 'Overseas diving resorts prepare the system more convenient than those of our country', 'I can link diving destinations with accommodations and move to anywhere conveniently', 'I can experience diving points and various spectacles (corals, aquatic creatures, and aquatic environments) with distinctions classified with countries'. As such, the affirmative factors were shown.
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An Investigative Study on Selection Attribute Factor Concerning Overseas Scuba Diving
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Kim, Ok-Ju Kim, Ryu-Kyeong Jung, Hyun-Min Han, Tae-Yong
Dept. of Physical Education
김옥주. (2019-12). 해외 스킨스쿠버 선택속성 요인탐색 연구. 한국체육과학회지, 28(6), 233-251. doi: 10.35159/kjss.2019.
Journal paper
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