중학교 스포츠강사에 대한 구조화 분석

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박화성 김옥주
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Middle school Sports instructor Structure, Analysis
The purpose of this study is to present basic data and realistic policy directions for future improvement plans through the survey on the employment and system of school instructors. In order to investigate the perception of the members, I visited the unit school and interviewed the physical education teachers. The interview was conducted for five month in June 2019, and an in-depth interview was conducted with a total of six people. The main issues of regular teachers and school officials derived through in-depth interviews were job security and treatment of instructor occupations. Assessing the ability and quality of instructors to teach students, budgeting for school sports clubs at government level for effective sports club activities, It was suggested to establish various systems for the activation of school sports club activities, such as reflection on career and college entrance. First, there are major revisions to administrative and policy reinforcement, such as securing the budget, This is a reality where the budget for sports instructors is very low and the population of sports instructors must be increased for better teaching quality. In addition, sports instructors are new jobs created by job creation and are hired as contract workers, which puts them in jeopardy every year. In this situation, sports instructors increase job insecurity and job insecurity, which can affect job satisfaction and quality of instruction. Therefore, a rational improvement plan such as employment stability through the contract of arms and the transition to public service is needed. Second, institutional support measures include reflecting the career and academic system of sports club activities, and expanding the facilities such as classrooms, equipment, and tools. There are still many students and parents who feel that the major subjects in Korea, English, and Sue are important, and that sports activities are a waste of time. In addition, sports club activities are receiving more enthusiasm because they have no experience in school records. For this reason, awards and participation events through sports club activities should remain in the history and be reflected in the career and college system, and should be introduced in the university entrance system. In addition, school sports activities are conducted at the same time and in the same place as other sports, which affects the class a lot. In addition, as the number of students per sports instructor is large, there is a lack of equipment and class tools necessary for the class, so some students are waiting and some students are participating. Therefore, the expansion of facilities, such as separate places and lacking teaching equipment and tools, should be improved for each event. Third, there are ways to improve the instructor's work, such as their own teaching methods, curriculum planning, and reinforcement of their leadership capacity through training activities. Sports instructors are expected to teach various sports and develop sports club activities so that students can participate with interest. To do this, you need to create your own teaching methods and course plans so that students can experience a variety of sports activities. In addition, various trainings are underway to revitalize school sports and strengthen leadership skills. Through these trainings, students will have to learn their teaching techniques and instructional know-how to strengthen their competences and make quality lessons.
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Structure and analysis on the operation of middle school sports instructor
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Park, Hwa-Sung Kim, Ok-Ju
Dept. of Physical Education
박화성. (2020-08). 중학교 스포츠강사에 대한 구조화 분석. 한국체육과학회지, 29(4), 161-174. doi: 10.35159/kjss.2020.
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