가속도센서를 이용한 도로비탈면 실시간 센싱 시스템 구현

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유소월 강동식 배상현
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Slope Real time Acceleration sensor Tilt RS-485 communication
A real time road slopes sensing system using acceleration sensor implemented in this study is able to sense the slope and risk conditions along expressways and highways in real time, to detect slope collapse and a dangerous situation on the basis of the sensing data, and thereby to notify the sensing system of the state in real time and give a warning to drivers on road to minimize damage. This study produced a sensor unit to detect the slope state along road and a control unit, and designed a photovoltaic unit to supply power in consideration of difficult power supply situation. To evaluate the performance of the implemented system, the sensor unit connected through RS-485 communication line was fixed at an experimental model slope. In the experiment, an impact was imposed on the sensor unit in various motion directions. As a result, the monitoring system displayed a sensor warning message when there was continuous oscillation more than 5 seconds or an inclination of more than 5 degrees, and displayed a rockfall detection message when there was a upper falling rock impact.
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Implementation of Real Time Road Slopes Sensing System using Acceleration Sensor
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So-Wol Yoo Dong-Shik Kang Sang-Hyun Bae
조선대학교 공학기술연구원
유소월. (2017). 가속도센서를 이용한 도로비탈면 실시간 센싱 시스템 구현, 공학기술논문지 | Vol.10, No.1 p.139 ~ p.146
Laboratory article
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2017 > Vol.10, No.1
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