상수관망의 유수율 증진에 미치는 영향 인자 분석 연구

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김광일 임형복 김성홍
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water revenue ratio advanced pipe network system regression analysis block system corroded pipe replacement
According to the Ministry of Environment of Korea, the average water revenue ratio was as high as 84% for the entire country in 2014. The water revenue ratio is tend to lower at the smaller counties and a lot of small counties have low ratio less than 60%. This means about 40% of produced water is leaked of no use. Therefore, many counties want to increase water revenue ratio. However, they hesitate to invest for the advanced pipe network system such as pressure management, block system and old pipe replacement because it requires huge investment whereas the results is unpredictable. For the counties considering advanced pipe network system, factors affecting advanced pipe network system are analyzed and presented in this study. As an affecting variables, four factors of elapsed year of adopting advanced pipe network system, old distribution pipe ratio, old water supply pipe ratio and replacement ratio of old pipe are analysed. As a result of this study, elapsed year of adopting advanced pipe network system is the most dominant factor and replacement ratio of old pipe is the second
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A Study on the Affecting Factors for the Improvement of Water Revenue Ratio in Water Distribution Network
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Kwang-Il Kim Hyung-Bok Lim Sung-Hong Kim
조선대학교 공학기술연구원
김광일. (2017). 상수관망의 유수율 증진에 미치는 영향 인자 분석 연구, 공학기술논문지 | Vol.10, No.1 p.65 ~ p.71
Laboratory article
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