Mathematical Approach on Composition of Nomination Committee for University President Election

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Sucheol Yi Sunyeong Heo
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Direct Election Drawing Lots Simple Random Sampling Systematic Sampling
The university president direct election system in Korea had begun in 1987 as a movement of college democratization in the 1980s after 6.29 Declaration. Since then, many national/private universities had adopted the election system. However, it has posed many problems and it caused a sharp division of opinions between those who approve and disapprove the direct election system. Since 2005, the government has made official of the reformation and/or abolition of the university president direct election system, and has kept pushing for universities to give up the direct election system. Now, only 3 or 4 universities hold on to the system, and many universities have changed into the indirect election system. In the indirect election, a key is the composition of president nomination committee, which confirms the university members's variety. Many universities adopting the indirect election system have used simple random sampling, like drawing lots, to compose the president nomination committee. However, drawing lots has a problem that it has large possibility of composing a biased committee. This research suggests systematic sampling as an alternative to drawing lots. A numerical analysis was conducted using a data of a university in which the indirect election was implemented recently. The drawing lots gave the biased nomination committee. On the other hand, the systematic sample improves the problem and confirms more the variety of all members.
조선대학교 기초과학연구원
Sucheol Yi. (2016). Mathematical Approach on Composition of Nomination Committee for University President Election, 조선자연과학논문집 | Vol.9, No.1 p.67 ~ p.71
Laboratory article
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