즉각조기발현유전자와 시냅스 가소성에 대한 개론

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유진선 하사라 장유빈 이금화
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immediate-early genes synaptic plasticity learning and memory Arc
Long-term potentiation (LTP) is a cellular mechanism for understanding learning and memory. LTP induction followed by long-term memory formation requires the rapid transcription of genes and expression of the related proteins, which further result in synaptic structural modification upon synapse stimulation. A group of genes responsible for the process is immediate-early genes (IEGs), which has been extensively studied for their roles in synaptic plasticity. It includes some neuronal IEGs such as c-fos, Egr-1 and Egr-3 which act as transcription factors to regulate the transcription of specific genes involved in structural plasticity, and others such as Arc, Homer-1a, Bdnf and Narp which act as effectors directly to promote plastic changes. In this review, we introduce the molecular mechanisms of the expression of several IEGs, and focused on the role of Arc as a representative IEG for synaptic plasticity.
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Introduction to immediate-early genes and synaptic plasticity
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Jinsun Ryu Sara Ha Yubin Jang Gum Hwa Lee
조선대학교 약학연구소
유진선. (2018). 즉각조기발현유전자와 시냅스 가소성에 대한 개론, Journal of The Pharmaceutical Research | Vol.39, No.1 p.45~ p.59
Laboratory article
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