인후염 치료를 위한 은교산 한약에 대한 조사연구

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김정영 이민석 이동성 이원재
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Eungyosan Herbal medicine Sore throat
Sore throat is a disease of the cold, throat and upper respiratory infection that is an inflammatory reaction to the mucous membranes including the pharynx and larynx due to various viruses. There are various antibiotics to treat the sore throat and the antibiotic drugs for its treatment without discretion have been extensively used in Korea. Therefore, these domestic problems of antibiotics resistance and abuse have been considered to be the most serious in the world. In the context of overcoming the social and medical problems of antibiotic abuse in Korea, in this paper, we intended to conduct a domestic market survey for Eungyosan, a representative herbal medicine for inflammatory diseases of sore throat with few antibiotic resistance and side ffects. Also we investigated the characteristics of this herbal medicine as well as its ingredients.
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Investigational Study of Eungyosan as a Herbal Medicine for Treatment of Sore Throat
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Jungyoung Kim Minseok Lee Dong-Sung Lee Wonjae Lee
조선대학교 약학연구소
김정영. (2018). 인후염 치료를 위한 은교산 한약에 대한 조사연구, Journal of The Pharmaceutical Research | Vol.39, No.1 p.29~ p.38
Laboratory article
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2018 > Vol.39, No.1
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