비만치료를 위한 한방약에 대한 조사연구

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이민석 김정영 이원재
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Herbal prescription Medicinal herb Obesity
In modern society, the obesity population is rapidly increasing due to decreased physical activities and excessive calorie intakes. Obesity could be considered as not only a chronic disease that causes physical appearance damage but also a pathologic step of a disease related to diabetes and hypertension. Therefore, the World Health Organization (WHO) defines obesity as a disease that requires medical treatment. Recently, as the stability and efficacy of herbal prescription have been recognized, the use of herbal prescription for treating obesity has been increasing. In this article, we investigated the efficacy of eight herbal formulations and their medicinal herbs for the treatment of obesity. As a result, it was observed that Ephedra sinica, Chinese Liquorice, tractylodes lancea, and Gypsum are the most widely and commonly used medicinal herbs for prevention and treatment of obesity, and that they are excellent in efficacy and have little side effects even for long-term use. Through the synergy effect between these medicinal herbs, we investigated the possibility of preventing and treating obesity as a herbal prescription.
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Investigation of Herbal Prescription for Treatment of Obesity
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Minseok Lee Jungyoung Kim Wonjae Lee
조선대학교 약학연구소
이민석. (2018). 비만치료를 위한 한방약에 대한 조사연구, Journal of The Pharmaceutical Research | Vol.39, No.1 p.17~ p.27
Laboratory article
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2018 > Vol.39, No.1
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