독감에 감염된 소아청소년에서의 중성구감소증

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박형철 이재희
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Neutropenia Leukopenia Lymphopenia Influenza Children
Neutropenia is a common finding in pediatrics with 1.5-9% of children (without malignancy) presenting to hospital found incidentally to be neutropenic. The majority of these pediatric patients with transient neutropenia present with infectious symptoms with an infectious agent proven in approximately 50% of cases, most commonly viral in nature. 270 children, who were diagnosed with influenza infection at the Chosun University Hospital during a 8-year period, were included in the study. Clinical and laboratory feature were analyzed. 46 patients (17%) were neutropenic with no identifiable cause other than the influenza. The incidence of leukopenia was significantly higher in association with influenza B than influenza A (24.0% vs 12.3%). Period from the onset of fever to lymphopenia was significantly longer in association with neutropenia (+) group than neutropenia (−) group. Recovery period of neutropenia was mean 4 days (range 3-7 days). We conclude that mild, transient neutropenia is common among patients with influenza infection and advise that it should not cause alarm or invite specific investigation unless severe or prolonged.
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Neutropenia in Children Infected with Influenza
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Hyong Chul Park Jae Hee Lee
조선대학교 의학연구원
박형철. (2018). 독감에 감염된 소아청소년에서의 중성구감소증, MJCU | Vol.43, No.2 p.105 ~ p.108
Laboratory article
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