장중첩증의 정복 후 조기 재발 억제를 위한 스테로이드 사용의 효용성

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남명수 이화랑 장해인 조형민 김은영 김경심 김용욱 임형근 김 령
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Recurrence Ileocolic Intussusception Children Methylprednisolone
There are very few reports and limited evidence that premedication with steroids decreases early recurrence of ileocolic in-tussusception after a successful hydrostatic reduction. The purpose of this study was to examine the role of steroids in de-creasing early recurrence of idiopathic intussusceptions. A retrospective review of children that underwent successful hydro-static reduction was conducted. Two groups were identified: group 1 (38 cases) that received intravenous methylpredniso-lone (1 mg/kg/dose) on diagnosis or immediately after the reduction maneuver, and group 2 (59 cases) were not given. There were 60 boys and 37 girls ranging in age from 6 to 84 months. There were no statistical differences between the groups re-garding age, sex, duration of symptoms and laboratory findings on admission. There was no significant difference (p=0.76) in the rate of early recurrent intussusception between the steroid group (15.8%, 6/38) and the non-steroid group (13.6%, 8/59). We found that premedication of children with idiopathic intussusception with methylprednisolone did not decrease early recurrence of idiopathic intussusceptions.
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Evaluation of the Role of Steroids in Decreasing Early Recurrence of Acute Intussusception in Children
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Myoung Soo Nam Hwoa Rang Lee Hae In Jang Hyung Min Cho Eun Young Kim Kyoung Sim Kim Yong Wook Kim Hyung Guhn Lim Young Kim
조선대학교 의학연구원
남명수. (2018). 장중첩증의 정복 후 조기 재발 억제를 위한 스테로이드 사용의 효용성, MJCU | Vol.43, No.2 p.102 ~ p.104
Laboratory article
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