정형외과적 내고정물의 제거

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Implant Metal removal Life of quality
It was intended to evaluate whether it would be helpful to perform implant procedures in asymptomatic patients. Patients who underwent implant removal after fracture surgery carried out at chosun university hospital from January 1, 2011 to De-cember 31, 2014. The average follow up period after the implant removal was 21.9 months (12-52 months), with 69 men and 39 women. A short form-36 questionnaire was used to compare the one day before and 12 months after implant removal surgery. After implant removal, the physical condition of the patient improved statistically significantly, but the improvement in mental health showed a slight increase, but there was no statistical significance. Implant removal in asymptomatic patients does not necessarily help the quality of their lives. It would be desirable to make a decision through sufficient consultation with a patient rather than a routine decision.
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Implant Removal in Orthopedics
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Sang Hong Lee Chae Won Lim
조선대학교 의학연구원
이상홍. (2018). 정형외과적 내고정물의 제거, MJCU | Vol.43, No.2 p.70 ~ p.73
Laboratory article
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