Mejora de la comprensión auditiva en español a través del esquema del oyente

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Shin, Taeshi
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listening skills schema foreign languages background knowledge cognition
The goal of this study is not to focus on simple and repetitive listening activities using voice data but to reach appropriate understanding and response by utilizing their own schema and background knowledge even though they lack related grammar knowledge and vocabulary in actual communication situation. Because, in general, the foreign language learners not only continue to reconstruct meanings in order to understand what is given while listening, but also use unconsciously the method of using one's language knowledge and schema. In other words, in listening activities, the foreign language learners do not need to listen to everything, and the purpose of listening has been achieved by paying more attention to a specific part of the communication situation or using a strategy to figure out what the speaker's main intention is. In this article I will show that Korean Spanish learners' listening ability is not through training of linguistic skills, but through the use of cognitive abilities, namely schemas, to organize and integrate new informations.
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Spanish Listening Skills Improvement by the Listener's Schema
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조선대학교 국제문화연구원
Shin, Taeshi. (2020). Mejora de la comprensión auditiva en español a través del esquema del oyente, 국제문화연구 | Vol.13, No.1 p.307 ~ p.328
Laboratory article
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