페미니즘 영화에서 국제관계론 근거 찾기

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feminist international relations theory erotic thriller films Fatal Attraction Basic Interest gender-related inequality
Feminist international relations theory hit its stride in the late 1980s and the 1990s, when the United States, as the only superpower left after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, returned to its conservatism, meaning a male-dominated society against radical feminism. Interestingly, the erotic thriller films, such as Basic Interest (1992), The Last Seduction (1994), and Bound (1996), show feminist aspects that women virtually take control of men with their sexual attraction or retaliate against their assailants ruthlessly. This paper discovers the evidence of feminist international relations theory in the 90s erotic thrillers, dating back to the originator Fatal Attraction (1987). The second chapter explains the definition, history, and problems of the feminist international relations theory in the light of the advanced research. The third observes the details of feminism through the story of Fatal Attraction, and the fourth analyzes the attributes of feminism shown in the erotic thrillers in the 1990s. The fifth arranges what the feminist theory says and lacks in the 21st century and refers to the evidential facts in the kinds of feminist films. Through the analysis, the feminist international relations theory, based on what women experience, reflects the gender-related inequality and the positivistic aspects of the male centered practices in the international politics, and the thriller films bear the marks in abundance, an international cultural phenomenon.
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Discovering the Evidence of the International Relations in the Feminist Films
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Jeon, Myunggil
조선대학교 국제문화연구원
전명길. (2020). 페미니즘 영화에서 국제관계론 근거 찾기, 국제문화연구 | Vol.13, No.1 p.183 ~ p.203
Laboratory article
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2020 > Vol.13, No.1
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