코로나19 팬데믹으로 본 국제보건규칙(2005)의 국제공조

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COVID-19 Pandemic International Health Regulations(2005) international cooperation World Health Organization security against infectious diseases
The Coronavirus-disease-2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic, with its effect on globalization, will make researchers think twice of the International Health Regulations(2005) owing to the severe damages to the people and economy. This paper, considering that the primary research introduces the regulations from the angle of the international law, aims to discuss how to define and pursue the aspect of international cooperation of the regulations in the light of the current condition of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The second chapter observes the contents of nations' cooperation, the fundamental element of the international law, in the order of the purpose of enactment, the Korean research, foreword, and overseas studies. The third argues that many countries' countermeasures against the Pandemic virtually violates the duty of cooperation directed by the agreement. The fourth explains the parts stressing the international collaboration of the regulations and presents the core capacities and the way to develop them that the member states of the World Health Organization should have by referring to empirical studies. Lastly, the conclusion summarizes the above and reemphasizes the international cooperation regarding the security against infectious diseases.
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International Cooperation of the International Health Regulations(2005) Seen from the COVID-19 Pandemic
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Yang, Sanghee
조선대학교 국제문화연구원
양상희. (2020). 코로나19 팬데믹으로 본 국제보건규칙(2005)의 국제공조, 국제문화연구 | Vol.13, No.1 p.29 ~ p.51
Laboratory article
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2020 > Vol.13, No.1
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