전력분야의 블록체인 적용 사례분석을 통한 대규모 전력서비스 적용 가능성 연구

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김숙철 김학재 문채주
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Blockchain technology is one of the core technologies that will lead the fourth industrial revolution, and the blockchain platform is expected to occupy more than 10% of global GDP within the next 10 years. The blockchain technology is mainly promoted in the financial field in early stage, but recently, many pilot projects have been promoted in the energy field, mainly in the electric power companies around the world. In this paper, we briefly review the futures of the blockchain technology and examine the advantages and disadvantages of the public and private blockchains. And we will try to look at the direction of the future by comparing the types and futures of the blockchains applied in this energy sector. Finally, it is intended to provide some guidance in applying blockchain technologies to the power energy sector in the future by providing an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of applying them.
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A Study on the Possibilities of Blockchain Applications in Large-Scale Electric Business through the Case Study of Global Blockchain Application Projects
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Suk-Cheol Kim Hak-Jae Kim Chae-Joo Moon
조선대학교 공학기술연구원
김숙철. (2018). 전력분야의 블록체인 적용 사례분석을 통한 대규모 전력서비스 적용 가능성 연구, 공학기술논문지 | Vol.11, No.2 p.77 ~ p.86
Laboratory article
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2018 > Vol.11, No.2
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