물성활용을 통한 감성표현 디자인에 관한 패션스토어 공간연구

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양성주 윤갑근
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감성디자인 감성적 특성 상업공간 패션 스토어 물성 Emotional design Emotional characteristics Commercial space Fashion store Material properties
The purpose of this study is to analyze the characteristics of emotional space and to find out how it is approached. Emotional design according to the age of emotional consumption is the ultimate means of inducing emotion in indoor space, and we will analyze the design elements of emotional space by using material properties. With the added value of the materials and material expression, we explored and discussed how the representation of the spatial components and the physical properties of the materials around the existing fashion store is used, how they are projected into space, and how they induce emotional experience. As a result, it can be seen that the characteristics of a particular material, or perception, by its properties, are recognized by consumers as a way of expressing an artistic or installational artistic element in space. Therefore, this research is meaningful in analyzing the trends of emotional space design through physical expression into indoor fashion stores.
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A Study on the Fashion Store Space of Sensitivity Expression through the Application of Materiality Property
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Yang, Seong-Ju Yoon, Gab-Geun
Dept. of Lifestyle Design
양성주. (2019-02). 물성활용을 통한 감성표현 디자인에 관한 패션스토어 공간연구. 한국문화공간건축학회논문집, (65), 203–212.
Reasearch Paper
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