동심화의 작품과 한지를 이용한 아트마스크 연구

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이순영 윤갑근
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한지 뷰티작품 메이크업 아트마스크 동심화 Hanji (Traditional Korean Paper) Beauty Art Makeup Art Mask Childlike-heart Painting
Recently, Hallyu (the “Korean Wave”) has been shifting to K-beauty. With this, there should be extensive efforts to advertise ‘Korean Beauty’. The spread of work that contains the beauty of Korea is necessary for national growth and prosperity. Although there have been many studies on foreign artists, it’s been impossible to find a study on Korean artists. To spread the beauty of Korea as a part of art masks, this study has created a world of paintings with Hangeul (Korean alphabet) and chosen ‘Meongseok Kim Mun-tae’ , who has created a new art piece titled ‘dongsimhwa (childlike-heart painting)’. To make a painting feel incorporated with the works (‘tranquility 3, happiness 3, laugh’) that have been often titled in his collection titled ‘Geunyang (‘just’), creation of a 2D using hanji (traditional Korean paper) and dakjuk was attempted to present the formative feeling brought about by an object. ‘Tranquility 3’ was created based on marble and hand-painting techniques, using the properties of hanji. A 3D feel was expressed using dakjuk. In ‘Happiness 3’, the blue background, which symbolizes peacefulness, and the handwritten word of happiness were prepared with an atmosphere of happiness. In ‘laugh’, only colors and dakjuk were used to express the feeling of laughter in white cleanness. It is hoped that there would be further studies on the mixture of Korean beauty works with diverse materials. In addition, it would become a turning point to assess the endless growth potential in the art & beauty spheres and advertise the Republic of Korea across the world.
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Analysis of Art Masks Using Childlike-heart Paintings and Hanji (Traditional Korean Paper): Focusing on Meongseok Kim Mun-tae’s works
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Lee, Soon-Young Yoon, Gab-Geun
Dept. of Lifestyle Design
이순영. (2018-09). 동심화의 작품과 한지를 이용한 아트마스크 연구. 한국인체미용예술학회지, 19(3), 121–133. doi: 10.18693/jksba.2018.19.3.121
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