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강소 윤갑근Subway space amenity development Beijing Subway convergence design
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地铁空间 公共艺术 融合設計 香港地铁 Subway space public art convergence design Hong Kong Subway
在物質發展豐富的時代,人們開始註重精神層面的追 求。由於城市發展進程趨於成熟,地面空間越來越擁 擠,發展地下成為城市拓寬空間的解決方案。地鐵作為 重要的公共地下空間,其對藝術的建設是解決人們追求 上層建築的重要途徑。本課題的研究目的是從公共藝術 角度出發,對城市地鐵站空間展開研究,以公共藝術為 理論依據,梳理出地鐵空間公共藝術的表現形式及延展 內容、表現主題、空間佈局等特征。綜上所述,選取了 中國城市地鐵公共藝術發展較為成熟的香港地鐵站,通 過分析其公共藝術的特征與介入程度,為中國大陸地鐵 建設提出借鑒,結論如下:第一,對於已竣工地鐵路 線,側重於推進臨時性公共藝術與創意產業的發展,並 豐富公共藝術的表現內容;第二,對於新建地鐵路線, 在前期策劃階段,將公共藝術納入重要議題,並在表現 形式、表現主題、空間佈局方面充分考慮其多元化發 展。本課題通過對公共藝術設計在城市地鐵空間中的介 入研究,可以看出中國地鐵設計未來發展趨勢,希望對 日後城市地鐵公共藝術設計提供參考意見。
In the age of rich material development, people began to pay attention to spiritual pursuit. Due to the maturity of urban development process, the ground space is becoming more and more crowded, the development of underground space has become a solution for urban space expansion. As an important public underground space, the construction of art is an important way to solve people's pursuit of superstructure. From the perspective of public art, the research purpose of this subject is to carry out a study of urban subway station space, and based on the theory of public art, to sort out the expression form, extended content, expressive theme, spatial layout and other characteristics of public art in subway space. In summary, Hong Kong subway station, which has a mature development of public art in Chinese cities, is selected to provide reference for subway construction in Mainland China by analyzing the characteristics and involvement of public art. Conclusions are as follows: First, for the completed subway line, focus on advancing the development of temporary public art and creative industries, and enrich the performance content of public art. Second, for the new subway route, in the early planning stage, public art will be included in important issues, and its diversified development will be fully considered in terms of expression form, theme, and spatial layout. Through the intervention research of public art design in urban subway space, this topic can see the future development trend of Chinese subway design, and hopes to provide reference opinions for future urban subway public art design.
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Research on the convergence design of urban rail transit space and public art
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Kang, Xiao Yoon, Gab-Geun
Dept. of Lifestyle Design
강소. (2020-06). 城市軌道交通空間與公共藝術的融合設計研究. 한국과학예술융합학회, 38(3), 15–24. doi: 10.17548/ksaf.2020.06.30.15
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