Research on the convergence design of China's subway station space and amenity development strategy

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Kang, Xiao Yoon, Gab-Geun
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In the age of abundant material development, people gradually pay attention to spiritual pursuits.Due to the maturity of urban development process, the ground space is gradually crowded, and the development of underground space has become the key direction of urban development.As an important public underground space, a subway station will cause a series of psychological problems due to the particularity of its environment. Therefore, the convergence of subway station design and the concept of amenity is an important way to improve the quality of life of urban residents.With the development of society, the city's demand for amenity also changed, and people began to pay more attention to cultural and artistic experience.Therefore, the purpose of this research is to study the convergence design of China's subway station space from the perspective of amenity, based on amenity, to sort out its development direction and characteristic elements, and to seek ways to create a pleasant and comfortable riding environment for passengers .In summary, this research selected the Beijing subway station in China for case analysis, comprehensively evaluated and analyzed the development status of amenity and proposed an optimized design plan, which provides a reference for the design and construction of China's subway.The conclusions are as follows: First, through the analysis of the theories about amenity and subway space in advance research, the characteristic elements of subway space amenity are obtained: environment, convenience, culture, aesthetic, and identity.Second, the concept of amenity and its convergence design should be included as an important issue in the initial stage of subway construction in mainland Chinese cities, and the possibility of its development should be fully considered;Increasing the form and content of culture and art and integrating with regional culture and characteristics will help shape and improve the image of the city;To absorb other different cultural expressions and achieve diversified development.Third, converge multidisciplinary design, such as electronic screens and holographic images.This project can see the future development trend of China's subway design through the study of the space amenity of subway stations, and hopes to provide reference for future urban subway construction.
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중국 지하철역의 공간과 어메니티 발전전략의 융합설계 연구
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강소 윤갑근Subway space amenity development Beijing Subway convergence design
Dept. of Lifestyle Design
Kang, Xiao. (2020-09). Research on the convergence design of China’s subway station space and amenity development strategy. 한국과학예술융합학회, 38(4), 1–15. doi: 10.17548/ksaf.2020.09.30.1
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