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유가흥 윤갑근
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入口空间 多维情感融入 SD语义分析法 灾难纪念场所 Entrance space Multi-dimensional emotional integration Semantic Differential Method Disaster memorial sites
入口空间是场所叙事序列的开端,也是连通内外空间 产生情感行为的重要过渡区域。本文试图从情感设计的 角度出发,对灾难纪念场所外部入口空间展开研究。本 研究以中国灾难纪念场所为研究对象,以诺曼的情感三 个层次为理论依据,通过情感的作用和情感的维度,梳 理出本能的情感特征、行为的情感特征、反思的情感特 征。综合灾难纪念场所的空间要素和情感特征,选取了 中国的五个具有明显感性特征的灾难纪念场所进行定量 分析,总结出以下结论:在感知性上,案例都侧重了对 场所的触感、色彩、节奏等感知方面的表达;在行为 上,通过对空间秩序的设计来影响观者的体验情感;在 情感主题上,通过不同象征主题、装饰物、建筑与环境 关系等,突出了不同情感的表达。根据研究可以看出中 国灾难纪念场所设计实践的趋势,也为建立以情感为导 向的空间设计方法提供了一定思路。
The entrance space is the beginning of the narrative sequence of the place, and it is also an important transition area connecting the inner and outer space to produce emotional behavior. This paper attempts to study the external entrance space of disaster memorial sites from the perspective of emotional design. This study takes Chinese disaster memorial sites as the research object and Norman's three levels of emotion as the theoretical basis. It sorts out instinctive emotional characteristics, behavioral emotional characteristics and reflective emotional characteristics through the function and dimension of emotion. This study integrates the spatial elements and emotional characteristics of disaster memorial sites, selects five disaster memorial sites with obvious emotional characteristics in China for quantitative analysis, and summarizes the following conclusions: In terms of perception, the cases all focus on the expression of the sense of touch, color, rhythm and other aspects of the place. In terms of behavior, the design of spatial order will affect the viewer's experience and emotion. On the emotional theme, the expression of different emotions is highlighted through different symbolic themes, decorations, architecture, and the relationship with surrounding environment, etc. According to the research, we can see the trend of the design practice of disaster memorial sites in China, and also provide a certain idea for establishing an emotion-oriented space design method.
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Research on Multi-dimensional Emotional Integration in Entrance Space of Disaster Memorial Sites
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Liu, Jia Xing Yoon, Gab-Geun
Dept. of Lifestyle Design
유가흥. (2020-03). 灾难纪念场所入口空间的多维情感融入研究. 한국과학예술융합학회, 38(2), 243–256. doi: 10.17548/ksaf.2020.03.30.243
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