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허항석 윤갑근
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口袋公園 公共空間 融合設計 設計評估 Pocket park public space convergence design design evaluation
隨著城市經濟與社會的不斷發展,人們對物質的需求 逐漸滿足,在高樓疊起的城市中自然與健康的話題逐漸 被提起,口袋公園作為城市小型公園在解決城市綠地問 題中起到重要作用。本研究的目的為提供口袋公園與公 共空間設計評估融合的理論基礎,因此,本文已確立適 用於口袋公園的設計評估要素,並通過案例分析得出現 有口袋公園發展的優劣勢。研究內容與結論如下:首 先,通過對先行公共空間設計評估進行整理與分析,得 出口袋公園設計評估要素,包括便利性,社會性,功能 性,環境性四要素及10個要素因子;其次,通過SD語義 分析法進行案例分析,其中根據專家評估與市民使用者 評估要素得分的差異,提出使用者更加注重實際使用體 驗,建議口袋公園要注重使用後維護,可持續的發展; 最後,對得分較高與較低的5個評估要素項目進行分析, 提出在設計規劃前期要設置體育活動設施以及臨街防護 設施,增強空間內活動性與安全性考慮。根據以上研究 結果,本文希望城市口袋公園的設計評估方法在設計規 劃及使用維護過程中得到應用,以推進口袋公園在城市 中的良好發展。
Through the continuous development of urban economy and society, people's material needs are gradually satisfied, and the topic of nature and health is gradually raised in the city with high-rise buildings piled up. Pocket park, as a small urban park, plays an important role in solving the problem of urban green space.The purpose of this research is to provide a theoretical basis for the integration of pocket park and public space design evaluation. Therefore, this research has established design evaluation elements applicable to pocket park, and concluded the advantages and disadvantages of existing pocket park development through case analysis.The research content and conclusions are as follows: Firstly, through sorting out and analyzing the prior public space design evaluation, the design evaluation elements of the pocket park are obtained, including the four elements of convenience, sociality, functionality, and environment and 10 factors.Secondly, case analysis is carried out through SD semantic analysis method. Based on the difference between expert evaluation and citizen user evaluation element scores, it is proposed that users pay more attention to actual use experience, and it is recommended that pocket parks pay attention to maintenance after use and sustainable development.Finally, the five evaluation elements with higher and lower scores are analyzed, and it is proposed to set up sports facilities and street protection facilities in the early stage of design and planning to enhance the consideration of mobility and safety in the space.Based on the above research results, this article hopes that the design evaluation method of urban pocket parks will be applied in the process of design, planning, use and maintenance, so as to promote the good development of pocket parks in the city.
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Research on the convergence of Urban Pocket Park and Public Design Space Evaluation Elements
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Xu, Heng Shuo Yoon, Gab-Geun
Dept. of Lifestyle Design
허항석. (2020-09). 城市口袋公園與公共空間設計評估要素融合研究. 한국과학예술융합학회, 38(4), 479–490. doi: 10.17548/ksaf.2020.09.30.479
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