재생 문화공간 체험이 심리적 치유에 미치는 영향

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김양지 윤갑근
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재생문화공간 심리적 치유 체험 Regenerative Cultural Space Psychological Healing Experience
All human actions are done in space, and the impact of space on us cannot be ignored. These spaces are also given meaning and value through human experience and become factors that can be determined by human psychological standards. From the perspective that space is the main body of human beings and should be a comfortable environment, we would like to analyze the impact of the experience of regenerative cultural space, which has recently revived the place and historical nature of the past and preserves eco-friendly spatial resilience. Verifying the hypothesis of the study showed that both the independent variables sensory experience and Pine & Gilmore's experience had a definitive effect on psychological healing, while the escape, playful and aesthetic experiences of Pine & Gilmore had a definitive effect on psychological healing, but no educational experience. Looking at the results comprehensively, the experience of regenerative cultural spaces affects human psychological healing, and in particular, escape experiences that feel out of everyday life and other spaces affect psychological healing the most. This can be said to be a psychological immersion given by the uniqueness and freshness created by the fusion of the sphere and God in a regenerative cultural space that is not felt in a uniform and formal urban space. As a result of this study, the regenerative cultural space is important as a space where people can feel psychological recovery and emotional stability, and the physical aspect of the space is important, but emotional space design for human experience will be necessary.
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The Effects of experince of Regenerative Cultural Space on Psychological Healing
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Kim, Yang-Ji Yoon, Gab-Geun
Dept. of Lifestyle Design
김양지. (2021-02). 재생 문화공간 체험이 심리적 치유에 미치는 영향. 한국문화공간건축학회논문집, (73), 59–66.
Reasearch Paper
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