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陆洋 윤갑근
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关键词 標誌設計 極簡主義 設計原則 構思手法 應用研究 Key Words Logo Design Minimalism Design Principles Ideation Method Applied Research
摘要: 標誌已不僅是一個簡單的圖形, 隨著當今信息技術的高速發展和多媒體的廣泛應用, 使標誌的形式、傳播的方式以及展示的姿態越來越多樣化。其中, 以極簡主義形式設計的標誌最受大眾喜愛, 極簡主義是1960年左右西方國家的藝術流派之一, 極簡主義追求的是利用非常簡單理性的形式, 高度的功能化, 不追求一絲一毫的各種裝飾, 這種風格一出現就立馬風靡各個領域。用極少的東西讓設計顯得更加整潔有內涵, 現在社會中很多標誌設計都讓人眼花撩亂, 阻擋了正常認知標誌的視線, 正是這樣, 設計師運用簡單的元素把複雜的信息簡單化, 設計出讓人們簡單易懂識別性高的標誌設計, 這也是設計師們對極簡主義的喜愛和追捧的原由。本文以文獻研究法對其設計原則和風格特點進行系統的歸納整理, 為文章奠定了理論基礎。同時配合案例研究法、比較研究法, 找出它們的特徵與共性, 為後面的標誌設計原則和構思手法做準備。最後運用歸納分析法將極簡主義在標誌設計中是如何運用, 在未來, 構建的設計原則和構思手法必然會使極簡主義在標誌設計乃至全方位設計應用中展現出更大的價值和作用
Abstract: The logo is not only a simple graphic. With the rapid development of information technology and the wide application of multimedia, the form of the logo, the way of communication and the posture of display have become more and more diverse. Among them, the logo designed in the form of minimalism is the most popular among the public. Minimalism is one of the art genres in Western countries around 1960. Minimalism pursues the use of very simple and rational forms, highly functional, and does not pursue With the slightest trace of various decorations, this style became popular in all fields as soon as it appeared. Use very few things to make the design more tidy and connotative. Nowadays, many logo designs in society are dazzling and block the sight of normal cognitive logos. It is precisely this way that designers use simple elements to simplify complex information. Design a logo design that is easy to understand and highly recognizable, which is the reason why designers love and pursue minimalism. This article systematically summarizes its design principles and style characteristics with a literature research method, which lays a theoretical foundation for the article. At the same time, it cooperates with case study method and comparative study method to find out their characteristics and commonalities, and prepares for the following logo design principles and conceptual techniques. Finally, using the inductive analysis method to use minimalism in logo design, in the future, the design principles and conception methods of construction will inevitably make minimalism show greater value and role in logo design and even all-round design applications.
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Research on the Application of Minimalism in Logo Design
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Yang Lu Yoon, Gab-Geun
Dept. of Lifestyle Design
사단법인 아시아문화학술원
陆洋. (2021-04). 標誌設計中極簡主義的應用研究. 인문사회 21, 12(2), 469–480. doi: 10.22143/HSS21.12.2.33
Reasearch Paper
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