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육양 윤갑근
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public space guiding signs Information system Fusion design
城市公共领域建设不断向国际化和规范化的方向迈 进,这在世界各国都是非常显著的一个趋势,具体到中 国在很多城市的很多方面还存在着较多不够完善和需要 进一步改善的地方。公共空间导向标识系统建设就属于 这一规范化范畴,通过标识系统提供的导向功能,可以 将城市公共空间的应用功能和文化功能实现最大化和最 优化,这不但有助于其使用过程中整体效率的提升,还 使得其建设水平达到更高的层次。对于标识及导向系统 的设计,必须基于其实际的应用环境,满足通用建设标 准,并确保其在整体一致性和艺术欣赏性方面有更好的 展现,这样才能在应用过程中获得高度的认可。本研究 针对北京国家大剧院的导向标识系统设计存在的一些具 有典型代表性的问题进行了深入分析,根据分析结果给出了具体解决办法和措施。这一案例对于其他类似城市 公共空间的导向标识系统建设有很好的示范作用和借鉴 价值,相关问题带有极大普遍性,其具体解决措施也非 常具有针对性。 导向标识系统是为目标访客提供一系列以视觉为主的 寻路行为设计1),为提高访客的寻路体验,需要建立完善 的导向标识系统。以北京国家大剧院为例,通过对现场 相关数据的统计和观察访客的日常寻路行为,分析北京 国家大剧院公共空间标识现存问题,并以访客需求为中 心,从导向标识点位规划、信息读取以及信息可识别性 等方面提出系统性优化建议。以通过对北京国家大剧院 现有导向标识系统优化研究,探求大剧院公共空间导向 标识系统的设计原则,改善访客寻路体验。 关键词:公共空间,导向标识,信息系统融合设计
The construction of urban public spheres continues to move towards internationalization and standardization. This is a very significant trend in all countries in the world. Specifically, there are still many areas in many cities in China that are not perfect and need further improvement. The construction of public space-oriented sign system belongs to this standardization category. Through the guiding function provided by the sign system, the application function and cultural function of urban public space can be maximized and optimized, which not only contributes to the overall efficiency of its use. The improvement of the building has also brought its construction level to a higher level. For the design of the logo and guidance system, it must be based on its actual application environment, meet the general construction standards, and ensure that it has a better display of overall consistency and artistic appreciation, so that it can be highly recognized in the application process. This study conducted an in-depth analysis of some typical and representative problems in the design of the orientation sign system of the Beijing National Grand Theater, and gave specific solutions and measures based on the analysis results. This case has a good demonstrative effect and reference value for the construction of the oriented sign system of other similar urban public spaces. The related problems are extremely universal, and the specific solutions are also very targeted. The guidance sign system is to provide a series of visual wayfinding behavior designs for the target visitors. In order to improve the visitors’ wayfinding experience, it is necessary to establish a complete guidance sign system. Take the Beijing National Grand Theater as an example, analyze the existing problems of the Beijing National Grand Theater’s public space logo through statistics on site-related data and observe visitors’ daily path-finding behaviors, and focus on the needs of visitors to plan and inform Systematic optimization suggestions are made in terms of reading and information recognizability. Through the optimization study of the existing oriented sign system of the Beijing National Grand Theater, the design principles of the oriented sign system of the public space of the Grand Theater are explored to improve the visitor's way-finding experience.
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Research on Improvement Plan of Orientation Sign System of Theater Public Space
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Lu, Yang Yoon, Gab-Geun
Dept. of Lifestyle Design
육양. (2021-06). 剧院公共空间导向标识系统改善方案研究. 한국과학예술융합학회, 39(3), 317–327. doi: 10.17548/ksaf.2021.06.30.317
Reasearch Paper
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