아크 전기로 알루미나 용융공정에서 입도에 따른 전력 및 전극봉 특성

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Factors to be considered in the melting of alumina in arc electric furnaces should be observed for excessive power consumption and changes in graphite electrode rod mixing consumption. The arc electric furnace is different from a general induction furnace, in which the charged material is directly exposed to the electric arc and alumina is directly contacted and charged; therefore, alumina was melted by using heat with a large current. The size of the alumina to be melted is between 50 and 90 μm. For this reason, it is necessary to purchase more than 98% of the raw materials for manufacture of alumina in consideration of the size of the input at the time of purchase. The size of the inlet causes the quality and economic loss of melted alumina, such as power usage and impurities in electrode bars.
In this thesis, the power consumption and condition characteristics of graphite electrode rods were investigated, which are two aspects of alumina size's perspective on melting with arc electricity. Based on these data, the operation criteria were prepared based on the reference values of electric power consumption and characteristics of the electrode rods during melting process with a change of the size of alumina raw materials. It is believed that this can lead to improved operation of the arc electric furnace by creating more scientific and systematic standards, proper power consumption, and minimization of graphite electrode consumption, thereby reducing economic losses.
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Characteristics of Electrical Power and Electrodes for Melting Process of Alumina in Arc Furnace with a Change of Particle Size
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Lee Yong Seok
산업기술창업대학원 전기기술융합공학과
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Table Of Contents

Ⅰ. 서론 1

Ⅱ. 이론적 배경 3
A. 아크 전기로 특성 3
1. 아크 전기로 k-factor 3
2. 전극봉 규격 4
3. 아크전기로 반응 영역과 직경 7
4. 3상 교류 관계식 8
B. 흑연 전극봉 11
C. 용융 알루미나 제조 방법 13
D. 가소 알루미나 제조 14

Ⅲ. 실험 및 고찰 16
A. 가소 알루미나 원료 특성 16
1. 입도분포 16
2. 전자현미경 형상 17
B. 실험 방법 19
1. XRD(X-ray diffractometer) 19
2. XRF(X-ray fluorescence) 20
3. 입도 분석기 21
C. 아크 전기로 운전조건 23
1. 아크 전기로 전력 24
2. 입도별 전력 사용량 26
D. 용융 알루미나 특성 28
1. 용융 알루미나 형상학적 특성 28
2. 용융 알루미나 화학 성분 분석 29
E. 흑연 전극봉 소모량 특성 32
1. 전극봉 소모량 32
2. 분진 성분 분석 33

Ⅳ. 결 론 35

조선대학교 산업기술창업대학원
이용석. (2020). 아크 전기로 알루미나 용융공정에서 입도에 따른 전력 및 전극봉 특성.
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